Safety Programs

CompanyCatalog designs customized websites for your company’s safety rewards program, including your branded merchandise, textiles, awards and/or printed materials. In addition, we handle the manufacturing of all the items then warehouse the inventory for reward redemption. Together, we examine your needs in order to build a safety rewards program that adapts over time as your needs evolve. It’s simple, easy and incredibly beneficial to the logistics of your safety rewards program.

Safety Programs

Recognition & Safety programs are a great way to reward your teams performance. Celebrate accomplishments or mile stones with point, gift certificate or coupon redemption.

Point Programs

With our point redemption program, your staff can earn and redeem points @ your company branded store.

Gift Certificates & Coupons

Your staff can also redeem certificates or coupons @ your company branded store.

For staff awards, gift ideas, and incentives, search our sister company

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