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Points Programs

Do you have a points program for your employees. A company store and points program can improve morale, by allowing employees to redeem their points for cool swag from your company store. They can even use their points and credit cards to purchase items from your store.

New Hire Kits

An effective new hire kit is important in today’s business market.  We can add employee hand books, new hire paperwork, uniforms, name tags, office supplies and so much more. Hiring managers can easily find and get everything they need for new hires in one place.

Safety Store Programs

Safety Programs can be hard to manage and intimidating. Make sure your safety materials are easily accessible to your team by making sure they are available to order online.

Awards and Recognition Programs

With pre-selected awards to choose from, streamline the process by allowing your managers to easily reward your employees for the great work they do.

Textiles & Promotional Products

With over 1 million promotional products to choose from we are sure to have the promotional products you need. We also have full printing capabilities so we can also store and distribute any printed forms or any other printable goods you need.

Online Business Card Ordering

Make it easy for your executives, manager or Sales team to order business cards when they need them from your store.


If you have multiple locations, it can be difficult to manage your uniform needs for your business. Allow your location managers to order uniforms as they need them and save time by cutting out the middle man.

We Want to Be Your Partner!

As your company store program partner, we will first examine your current needs, and build a program that best meets those needs. We will then deliver a complete solution to counter any issues you may have, not just offer the technological fixes. Lastly, we will continue to work with you in order to to fine tune the program as any preferences may change.

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